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How to do maintenance of the automatic insertion machine

Some companies purchase automatic plug-in machines, which are reserved for production on the second liner for 20 hours, and treat the automatic THT insertion machines as cattle and horses. During the day and night production operations, when the machine is also fatigued, it is necessary to maintain the machine at the appropriate time. Use it well, let it help you make more money. The automatic THT insertion machine need to do maintenance after a long time work. When the machine runs for a long time, the friction area of the screw must be lubricated, and some places need to be cleaned. Which position does the automatic THT insertion machine need to maintain?

Automatic THT insertion machine maintenance and maintenance requirements

1 Note for users

In order to prevent this equipment from being inoperable, operating incorrectly, or affecting equipment performance or causing equipment damage, please observe the following:

The machine should work in a clean, temperature and humidity environment.

Do not store the machine in the open air, high temperature, and humid environment.

There should be no strong current or magnetic interference near the plug-in machine.

The plug-in machine should be placed horizontally.

Operators must pass the training before starting the job.

Repair and maintenance technicians must be very familiar with this THT insertion equipment!

Do not open the industrial computer at will, unplug and plug in disorder, and do not modify related files at will.

Ensure that the cooling fan runs normally at all times.

There is a complete maintenance plan.

The PCB to be processed must meet the relevant industry standards, that is, the PCB is a qualified and standardized product.

Do not let the machine work with "sickness".

If the replacement parts are high-quality products, try to use the parts provided by the THT insertion equipment manufacturer.

2 Maintenance and maintenance (regular inspection)

2.1 Maintenance

Tips: A good piece of THT insertion equipment can be properly maintained and maintained to give better play to its functions and prolong its life. In order for the machine to serve you better, please follow the following maintenance guidelines:

Create a "comfortable" environment for the machine.

Regularly check whether the fastening screws of each transmission mechanism are loose. Appropriately add a little high-grade lubricating oil (grease), it is recommended not to add a large amount of butter.

Regularly and irregularly clean the dust and dirt on the inlets and outlets of the cooling fans, servers, industrial computers, and switching power supplies.

Clean the air source filter at least once every three months.

The cylinder and its solenoid valve are maintained every four months.

Too little oil in the lubricator needs to be refilled.

2.2 Regular inspection

In order for you to use the machine better, we should do the following three checks:

2.2.1 Daily inspection

Daily protective maintenance should be carried out after eight operating hours. After the work of the day, turn off the power of the computer and the THT insertion machine, vacuum the dust on the surface of the machine and wipe the dust on the surface of the THT insertion machine with a white cloth. If the environment is poor, maintenance operations should be performed more frequently.

Note: Do not use organic solvents to scrub the surface of the THT insertion machine, as it may damage the paint on the surface of the THT insertion machine.

Warning: Do not use compressed air to blow the debris out of the unit, otherwise the debris will be blown into the ball bearings, insertion head or circuit box, which will affect the normal operation of the THT insertion machine.

2.2.2 Weekly inspection

Weekly protective maintenance should be carried out after every 40 operating hours. If the environment is poor, the cycle should be shortened by the pneumatic lubrication device.

Note: The grease and lubricating oil used must be of good quality. Otherwise, it will increase the surface friction of the screw rod or the guide rail, thereby shortening the service life of the screw rod and the guide rail, and affecting the accurate positioning of the THT insertion machine.

Warning: Do not use phosphate ester and chlorinated hydrocarbon synthetic agents in the lubrication device or the gas circuit of the factory.

Check the settings in the lubrication device, if necessary, add 100CKR lubricating oil.

Wipe the ball screw with a fiber-free cloth.

Lightly lubricate the ball screw feeding device.

Lubricate both ends of the connecting rod.

Check the consistency of the plug-in head and the part limit switch.

2.2.3 Monthly inspection

Weekly protective maintenance should be carried out after every 200 operating hours. If the environment is poor, the cycle should be shortened by the pneumatic lubrication device.

Check the flow of pneumatic lubricating oil through the observation hole. The flow rate should be 3 to 5 drops in five minutes. The groove screw on the top of the lubrication device can be turned to the back of the funnel to adjust the flow rate. At the beginning, it should be adjusted to 1/4 to 1 /2 is turned on, and adjusting the screw clockwise and counterclockwise will increase/decrease the lubricating oil flow rate.

Clean the sliding support rails.

Add 20mR grease to the bottom of the guide rail.

Add 20mR grease to the drive shaft of the sliding device, cam sliding device, brake exciter and positioning sliding device, (electric turntable)

Use an oil can to apply 300SL36 grease (workbench) on the linear guide.

Add 300SL36 grease to the cam track (workbench)

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