Panasonic NPM-D3 pick and place machine

MAX PCB: L 510 x W 590MM
Mounting Speed: 84,000 CPH
Application components: 0402 (01005)
Inpus feeder: Max. 68

Panasonic NPM-D3 pick and place machine



Plus new enhancements:
Compact footprint - scale production to your factory needs
Quick-change feeder carts, nozzle banks, and process heads
Compatible with CM- & AM-series intelligent feeders & nozzles
Board warp detection, Adaptive Process Control (APC), and Auto Board Support Pin
Industry's first 3D Multi Recognition Camera
Lightweight 16-nozzle head (for 84,000 CPH)
Increased placement accuracy to 25um (cpk ≥1.0)

Model ID

 NPM-D3 pick and place machine

Rear head

Front head


12-nozzle head

8-nozzle head

2-nozzle head

Dispensing head

No head

Lightweight 16-nozzle head




12-nozzle head

8-nozzle head

2-nozzle head

Dispensing head




Inspection head



No head






L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 300


L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 590



0 s* *No 0s when cycle time is 3.6 s or less


3.6 s* *When selecting short conveyors

Electric source

3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V 2.7 kVA

Pneumatic source *2

0.5 MPa, 100 L /min (A.N.R.)

Dimensions *2 (mm)

W 832 x D 2 652 *3 x H 1 444 *4


1 680 kg (Only for main body:This differs depending on the option configuration.)

Placement head

Lightweight 16-nozzle head
(Per head)

12-nozzle head
(Per head)

8-nozzle head
(Per head)

2-nozzle head
(Per head)

High production mode [ON]

High production mode [OFF]

Max. speed

42 000 cph
(0.086 s/ chip)

38 000 cph
(0.095 s/ chip)

34 500 cph
(0.104 s/ chip)

21 500 cph
(0.167 s/ chip)

5 500 cph
(0.655 s/ chip)
4 250 cph
(0.847 s/ QFP)

Placement accuracy

± 40 µm/chip

±30 μm / chip
(±25 μm / chip*5)

±30 μm / chip

± 30 µm/chip
± 30 µm/QFP

12mm to 32mm

± 50 µm/QFP

12mm Under

± 30 µm/QFP


0402 chip*6 to L 6 x W 6 x T 3

03015*6*7/0402 chip*6 to L 6 x W 6 x T 3

0402 chip*6 to L 12 x W 12 x T 6.5

0402 chip*6 to L 32 x W 32 x T 12

0603 chip to L 100 x W 90 x T 28



Tape : 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 / 44 / 56 mm

Tape : 4 to 56 / 72 / 88 / 104 mm

Max. 68 (4, 8 mm tape, Small reel)



Max.16 (Single stick feeder)



Max.20 (per tray feeder)

Dispensing head

Dot dispensing

Draw dispensing

Dispensing speed

0.16 s/dot (Condition : XY=10 mm, Z=less than 4 mm movement, No θ rotation)

4.25 s/component (Condition: 30 mm x 30 mm corner dispensing)*8

Adhesive position accuracy

± 75 μ m /dot

± 100 μ m /component

Applicable components

1608 chip to SOP,PLCC,QFP, Connector, BGA, CSP


Inspection head

2D inspection head (A)

2D inspection head (B)


18 µm

9 µm

View size (mm)

44.4 x 37.2

21.1 x 17.6

Inspection position accuracy *12
( Cpk1)

± 20 μm

± 10 μm

No. of

Inspection *9

Max. 30 000 pcs./machine (No. of components : Max. 10 000 pcs./machine)

Inspection *9

Max. 10 000 pcs./machine

*1 : Due to a difference in PCB transfer reference, a direct connection with NPM (NM-EJM9B) / NPM-W (NM-EJM2D) /NPM-W2 (NM-EJM7D) dual lane specs cannot be established. 

*2 : Only for main body 

*3 : Dimension D including tray feeder : 2 683 mm

Dimension D including feeder cart : 2 728 mm 

*4 : Excluding the monitor, signal tower and ceiling fan cover. 

*5 : ±25 μm placement support option.(Under conditions specified by Panasonic) 

*6 : The 03015/0402 mm chip requires a specific nozzle/feeder. 

*7 : Support for 03015 mm chip placement is optional.(Under conditions specified by Panasonic:Placement accuracy ±30 μm / chip ) 

*8 : A PCB height measurement time of 0.5s is included. 

*9 : One head cannot handle solder inspection and component inspection at the same time. 

*10 : Please refer to the specification booklet for details. 

*11 : Foreign object is available to chip components. (Excluding 03015 mm chip) 

*12 : This is the solder inspection position accuracy measured by our reference using our glass PCB for plane calibration. It may be affected by sudden change of ambient temperature. 


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