Axial Insertion Production Line

High Speed Insertion Line
Full Automatic Production
Automatic Touch UP

Automatic Axial Insertion Production Line




The whole Production line including PCB loader, Axial inserter, Wave Soldering Machine, DIP PCB AOI, Touch UP machine, PCB Unloader, High Speed Insertion Line, Full Automatic Production, Automatic Touch UP.

PCB Loader


Micro computer controlled component ensures machine’s stable and reliable running.

Optional Fuji buttons interface or touch panel interface, convenient man-machine interaction.

Multiple sound and light alarming functions

Use standard magazines, good compatibility, load with 3 magazines at one time. 

Lifting distance adjustable according to PCB, 4 kinds of distance(10mm, 20mm, 30mm and 40mm)

Loader configured with inner push board component, save the cost of buying PCB moving machine independently.

Automatic counting function make it easy of production statistic

Optional SMEMA port for communication between machines.

Inline Axial Inserter A180AL


Inline  Axial Inserter plug-in machine A180AL is a new generation of Axial interconnect interpolator independently developed and produced by our company.The essence of Axial interpolation machine is integrated into one, high speed, high precision, high performance to achieve non-stop refueling, unique servo control system, can Greatly reduce the amount of jumper, easy to understand the operation platform, the realization of the man-machine interface dialogue. The union of practical experience and scientific theory, bigGreatly improved product quality and production efficiency.

Wave Soldering Machine KTU 350


Wave sodlering machine is used for soldering THT insertion components to PCB. It's automatic soldering, so reduced the human working cost. Nowsdays still widely used in PCB production feild.

1.Efficient, energy-saving, lead-free, environment-friendly, safe and brand-new design, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

2.Automatic power system, frequency converter control, automatic board input system.

3.Flux sprays system using scanning spray nozzle, Japanese nozzles and rodless pneumatic cylinders and PLC control, accurate and reliable.

4. Preheating system uses three independent temperature control so that ensure the excellent heat preservation, temperature uniformity, temperature difference no more than ±2ºC.

5.Special alloy transportation chain claws, non-stick tin and ensures the quality of welding PCB board.

6.Tin stove adopts imported high frequency conversion motor independent control, stable performance.

7.Lead-free solder furnace with independent design, environmental protection and safety,

easy to clean.

8.Tin stove preheating furnace uses high-speed PID and 2 independeninfrared heating (IR heating) control.

9.Time can be controlledwe can preset switch functions, tin stove can heat within 90 minutes.

10.With black box memory function, the machine can always store the production management records, improve work efficiency.

11.Automatic claw cleaning function ensure the cleanliness of claws.

12.Reasonable design and sensitive fault security alarm system ensure the stable performance and operators’ safety.

DIP Inline AOI Inspection Machine D520


Clear Vision Capturing System

Worlds top-class high performance

Inspection speed = 0.2 sec/ frame

Easy programming

CCC ( Central Confirmation Control) 

SPC ( Statistical Process Control) 

Inline DIP Touch UP Machine R820


Through the equipment interconnection, the touch-up station received the defective location data from AOI, and pointing the rework position accordingly:

Intelligent identification of bad points, without manual search, greatly reduce the intensity of human work, saving m 70% of the labor costs;

Eliminate artificial visual errors, greatly improve the quality of products;

Comprehensive and detailed SPC analysis system, greatly promoted the improvement of the former process technology;

Change the traditional mode of operation, greatly enhance the production efficiency.

SMT PCB magazine Unloader UNL330


Special Aluminum alloy guide rails and rubber belt

Magazine lifting with screw rod by 90W electric-brake motor which made in Taiwan

Pneumatic PCB clamping structure

Attach one set 0.7m length pcb conveyor

Magazine size(L*W*H): (L)535*(W)460*(H)565mm

PCB max size(L*W):(L)500*(W)390mm


Adjustable Lifting distance:10,20,30,and 40mm


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